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Advanced materials for energy storage and conversion

Advanced materials for energy storage and conversion

In a nutshell...

Research in the field of renewable energies has greatly intensified due to reducing fossil energy resources and an increase in greenhouse gas concentration (in particular carbon dioxide).

Throughout this summer school, the problems linked to collecting renewable energies (photovoltaic, wind, etc.), transforming them (producing hydrogen, etc.) and storing them (supercapacitors, batteries, etc.) will be analyzed. Issues related to the systems needing to be implemented will also be covered.

This summer school will train future leaders in the field of energy materials for energy conversion and storage. Practical laboratory sessions as well as a capstone will be organized, thus complementing theoretical sessions.

The presence of industrial stakeholders will allow participants to benefit from a practical and engineering science-based approach to teaching.

Since the advent of the industrial era, energy has always been a subject of primary importance. It is therefore crucial for young researchers to grasp the latest developments in this sector.”

Jean-Louis Bobet - Chairman of the Advanced materials for energy storage and conversion Summer School

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